Favorite To-Do List Wunderlist “Gets It On” With Siri


Wunderlist is a Wonder of Amazingness!!!

Wunderlist, the free to-do app from 6wunderkinder, is a free application that works on all major platforms. When it comes to to-do list management, I have tried them all. Wunderlist packs all the major features of the paid players without the price tag and the added bonus of platform agnosticism. With its ability to sync your “Buy Milk”, “Call Mom”, “Eat Bacon” to-do items gloriously across iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows, OS X and the web, it steals the “to-do list/productivity app” show.

Look Mom, Wunderlist and Siri are Dating

Recently the folks at 6wunderkinder released an update for Wunderlist. The update allows its customers to forward emails to me@wunderlist.com and have it automagically show up in their Wunderlist inbox with the contents of the message as notes to boot.

Then I had a glorious idea, why not have Siri ask Wunderlist on a date? Ok, not really, but Siri could tell Wunderlist I need to buy milk right?

As an iPhone user, moving to Wunderlist from the default Reminders app causes the loss of a major feature, Siri integration. If you use Reminders, Siri can easily add items to the various lists you’ve created. However, because Apple has not opened this feature to third party developers, it is missing in Wunderlist… or is it?

Siri Gets To Know Wunderlist

First we need to create a contact called “To Do List” or whatever you would like Siri to call Wunderlist… “McLovin”?

Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 9.28.06 AM

  1. Open your contacts app and add a contact.
  2. Add “me@wunderlist.com” as the email address
    NOTE: Make sure your default sending email address in the Mail app matches the one you used to sign up for Wunderlist. If it isn’t, you can easily update your email address in Wunderlist by opening the app’s preferences menu and changing it in the account tab. You can also do this by visiting their website.

The First Date

I remember when I gathered the courage to talk to the girl who would be my future wife for the first time. I was nervous with sweaty palms and had the confidence of a three year old. Luckily it doesn’t take that to get Siri and Wunderlist talking.

Simply tell Siri to send an email to “To Do List” or whatever you called your new Wunderlist contact.


Siri will then ask you for the subject of the email (this will be the name of the to-do item). She will then ask you for the message you want to send (this is where any pertinent notes will be added).


Now the magic happens. Siri sends out your message to Wunderlist who then adds the item mysteriously to your to-do inbox. Fantabulous! Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 9.37.43 AM

Final Thoughts

Wunderlist is an application that keeps getting better with every release. If you have tried it in the past and left it for one reason or another, give it another chance. Version 2 and its various updates have proven that you don’t have to empty your wallet to have a feature packed productivity tool. It is a joy to use and will improve your general work flow and productivity with little effort.

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