Mailbox App Released – Jump the Line



This hack no longer works after the recent update. For those who got it before their software update, DO NOT UPDATE!



Thousands are currently waiting in line digitally for the new MailBox App that uses innovative techniques, getting you to inbox zero quicker.


For those that are impatient, and also have jailbroken their phones, you easily jump to the front of the line and begin using this great app NOW!!!

Here is how to do it…

What you will need:

  1. A Jailbroken iPhone (You can go to for more on this)
  2. iFile from the Cydia app store
  3. The MailBox App (

Steps to Jump the Line

  1. Open iFile and open the Applications FolderiFile
  2. Find the folder that is in
    (You should see a bunch of folders with Hash info. There are easier ways to do this, however just click on each folder until you find one that has in it)
  3. Open the Library Folder
  4. Open the Preferences Folder
  5. Click on the plist com.orchestra.v2.plist
  6. Jump the Line will be set OFF, turn it on
  7. Enjoy MailBox App before your non-jailbroken friends

16 thoughts on “Mailbox App Released – Jump the Line

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  2. I did this and was asked to update Mailbox to the latest version from the App Store. After I did that, I tried to set up my Gmail account but it just says “failed to authorize.” I check the “” was still switched on, and it is, but I still can’t set up my account.

    Anyone else had this?

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